Criminal Investigations

  • Taking of an affidavit under oath
  • Opening and following up of case dockets with SAPS
  • Investigations of murder, robbery, theft fraud and white-collar crimes
  • Liaising with investigation officers including specialised units
  • Liaising with state prosecutors
  • Tracking and detaining of suspects
  • Follow ups on information
  • Recruiting of informers
  • Surveillance
  • Vehicle ownerships
  • Checking of Criminal records
  • Truth verification including polygraph test and voice testing
  • Placing of Undercover agents
  • Recording and recovery of emails

Civil and Matrimonial Matters:

  • Screening of pre-employment
  • Surveillance of targets
  • Hidden cameras, bugging and de-bugging devices
  • Tracking of phones and vehicles
  • Recording of phone calls, SMS and WhatsApp
  • Recovery of bank statements
  • Recovery of cell phone statements including call logs